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Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Educator and coach

Let’s talk about the signs that let you know that you are entering each phase of your cycle.

The transitions mark the points in your cycle when you move from one phase or inner season to the next. 

Remember, everyone’s experience is unique. You might discover that some transitions are easier or more subtle, while others could feel more challenging or noticeable. And this could change throughout your lifetime

Paying attention to and tracking these crossover days can help you better understand your experience and, as much as possible, plan accordingly. 

In this article, I’ll tell you about  physical, mental, and emotional signs that let you know you’re moving from one phase to the next. 

Entering the menstrual phase

This phase is, of course, the easiest to identify, as it’s the time when you have your period. However, you might feel the transition even one or two days before you start bleeding. I want to invite you to see beyond periods and menstrual pain and reflect on other signs that let you know you’re entering the winter phase of your cycle.

Here are some cues:

🌡️ As progesterone declines, your Basal Body Temperature also drops.
😴 You might experience lower energy.
🎈 PMS symptoms, such as breast tenderness, bloating, or emotional tension, disappear.
😌 Sensitivity, permeability, and emotional vulnerability. This can be a time for emotional cleansing too!
🌎 A need to disconnect from the world and let go of your responsibilities.
💭 Feeling spacey and lost in daydreams.

Carmen Lorenzana - Signs that you're entering each phase of your cycle

Entering the pre-ovulatory phase

As you move into your pre-ovulatory phase, you’re stepping into your inner spring, a time of renewal and growth. You might feel this transition around the time your period ends.

Here are some signs:

🌼 Your period stops, and your physical energy starts to rise.
💧 As estrogen surges, you might notice an increase in cervical mucus and vaginal lubrication, potentially enhancing your libido too.
🌟 A feeling of positivity and endless possibilities.
💖 Lightheartedness and a strong sense of resilience.
🌱 A sense of renewal – the reset button has been pressed.
🧠 A clear mind and a strong sense of clarity and direction.
🦋 Feeling more social.

For some people, this transition can be a challenging time, especially if they’re highly sensitive and find exposure to the ‘real’ world too stimulating. Remember, we all have phases where we feel more at home, and phases that are more challenging. Always pay attention to your experience and honour your needs accordingly!

Carmen Lorenzana - Signs that you're entering each phase of your cycle

Entering the ovulatory phase

The ovulatory phase is the inner summer of your cycle, and your fertile phase.

You will notice this transition when your fertile window opens. As you approach ovulation, your cervical mucus increases in volume, fluidity, and clarity. If you test your LH using ovulation strips, you’ll get a positive result around this time.

Other signs that hint at this transition are:

💪 More physical strength and endurance.
✅ Wanting to say YES to things.
🔥 Increased libido.
💞 A strong desire to connect with others.
🥚 Ovulation pain – not everyone experiences this!
😃 Life suddenly feels easier and more enjoyable.
🌟 Growing confidence.
😌 A desire and/or anxiety to be fully seen for who you are.
🤹‍♀️ Ability to multitask.

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Carmen Lorenzana - Signs that you're entering each phase of your cycle

Entering the premenstrual phase

As you enter your premenstrual phase, you’re stepping into your inner autumn, a time of reflection and preparation.

Once you ovulate, progesterone kicks in, and your cervical mucus dries and thickens.

Your Basal Body Temperature increases after ovulation and remains elevated for the rest of your cycle. You might start experiencing PMS symptoms like mood swings, headaches, breast tenderness, acne, etc. Remember that these can vary from person to person, and self-care is essential during this time.

Here are other signs that you’re entering this phase:

😴 Your physical energy starts to wane.
🤔 You become more introspective and reflective.
🍰 An increase in cravings for carbs and sweet foods.
🤯 More sensitive to criticism and become more (inner) critical too!
🌳 Craving solitude.
😢 Heightened emotions.
🏡 Nesting instinct.
🚫 A need to say NO to things.

For many of us, moving from Summer to Autumn can bring challenges. For this reason, identifying this transition and tracking your unique experience in it is key! The more you understand it, the better you can take care of yourself. This applies to your other three phases too!

Carmen Lorenzana - Signs that you're entering each phase of your cycle

Final thoughts

I hope this has given you more clarity on how to know when you’re entering each phase of your cycle. I also recommend you check the article ‘How to figure out the phase of the menstrual cycle I’m in’ for more information. 

Once again, I want to remind you that what I share here are only examples. Your experience might be different, and that’s ok! Tracking your cycle can help you gain more insights on how each transition is for you and discover your main needs. Give it a try! 

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