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Carmen Lorenzana - women's coach and menstrual educator

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Since my first period at 12 years old, my cycles were irregular and very painful. When I turned 20, and without much explanation, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). What came next will be a familiar experience for many women. I visited many different doctors trying to get a proper diagnosis and treatment, but heard the same from all of them: to treat my condition I had to take the birth control pill.

While I was on the pill, the cysts in my ovaries vanished almost entirely, and I would bleed every month, so I assumed that my cycle was regular and I was on the right path. Little did I know that the birth control pill works by inhibiting the reproductive system — those monthly bleedings were nothing close to a normal period! Then five years later, I started experiencing mid-cycle heavy bleedings for several days, pain and other complications, so I decided to stop it. Within a couple of months, the old symptoms came back, but this time with more intensity: my face became covered with acne and hirsutism, I gained considerable weight, and I didn’t have my period for over a year. A new ultrasound showed my ovaries were full of cysts again, and for the first time, I heard a gynecologist say that PCOS is a lifetime condition (what?! I thought I had already healed!). As usual, the only choice she offered was to take the pill.

The idea of going back to hormonal birth control was very frustrating. Deep inside, I felt there had to be a friendlier alternative for my body. I understood then that if I wanted to heal I had to stop feeling like a victim and take control of my health. I made deep changes in my mindset and lifestyle, and I educated myself on all things related to the menstrual cycle and female hormones. Little by little, step by step, I’ve been able to recover my hormonal health.

Learning about PCOS led me to understand that the menstrual cycle is the most amazing feedback tool that we have: it gives us insightful messages about our physical, emotional and mental health. This was a huge discovery for me! I stopped seeing periods as a curse and started a journey of self-knowledge that has helped me get more in tune with my body and my femininity.

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I fell so in love with this that I decided to change my career and formally become a menstrual educator to help others fall in love with their cyclical bodies.

Understanding how our body and hormones work is a right that every woman and every person with periods has. Yet there’s still a significant lack of inclusive, comprehensive, and empowering education that honors the diversity of experiences when it comes not only to our period but to the whole cycle.

I’m devoted to bringing my voice, my passion for this cause, the tools at my disposal, and my willingness to learn from others to the table and become an active participant in this field. I hope to be a channel for fellow menstruators to find their own voice and be able to stand for themselves when it comes to their periods and their well-being.

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Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual educator and coach
New to Menstrual Cycle Awareness and not sure where to start? Download my free guide with 3 simple steps to get to know your cycle.

New to Menstrual Cycle Awareness and not sure where to start?

Download my free guide with 3 simple steps to get to know your cycle.

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