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A self-paced program to learn the FEMM Fertility Awareness Method.

Carmen Lorenzana - Chart your cycle

Charting your cycle is key to understanding your body and monitoring your hormonal health.

In this program, you’ll learn to observe, chart and interpret fertility biomarkers in your cycle to:

  • Identify the fertile and infertile days in your cycle

  • Confirm ovulation (and know if it’s happening every cycle)

  • Monitor your hormonal health & identify irregularities

  • Naturally avoid or achieve pregnancy

  • Get in tune with your cyclical nature

“This program was educational and practical at the same time; it gave me the confidence to follow my fertility signs and avoid pregnancy in the most natural way I can imagine. I feel so much more connected to my body and I truly think that this information should be shared with everyone, especially if you feel that all you know about your cycle is that you bleed”

– Santa Bürkland, Latvia

You are not fertile every day.

You are only fertile for an average of 6 days every cycle.

Did you know that your body gives you clear physical signals to let you know when your fertile window is open? These biological signs are called fertility biomarkers, and, thanks to your reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone, they change during your cycle, depending on whether or not you are fertile at the time. They also provide important clues about your hormonal health.

In the Chart Your Cycle program you’ll learn to chart: 

  • Cervical mucus
  • Basal body temperature
  • LH hormone surge
  • Period and other bleeding patterns
  • Other symptoms
four photos showing cervical mucus, a thermometer, a menstrual cup full with period blood and an ovulation test

After the course, you will be equipped to:

“Learning to chart my cycle was one of the most transformative and empowering tools I’ve acquired in my life. Carmen’s guidance, patience, consistency, and honesty were key for me not only to acquire the knowledge but to apply it in my daily life. To this day I’m still charting my cycle, and I feel more connected to it than ever. I feel like I understand myself much better. I feel more powerful than ever! Thank you, Carmen!”

– Sam, Mexico

Chart Your Cycle is for you, if you:

  • want to understand and monitor your menstrual cycle for health and wellness purposes,

  • seek a natural, hormone-free method of birth control or are looking to conceive,

  • are willing to invest time and energy in learning the FEMM method, understanding that you cannot rely on it as your birth control method for at least three cycles. (It’s like learning a new language, it requires time, patience, and commitment).

  • have regular or irregular cycles,

  • are in a relationship, single, or not sexually active. The FEMM method is a tool to understand your cycle and your body beyond reproduction.

Check the FAQ’s below for more information.

A photo of a cycle charting app

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The Chart Your Cycle Program consists of four modules that will walk you through:

This module will give you the basics to understand and chart your cycle.

We’ll cover your reproductive anatomy, how the ovulatory cycle works, and the main hormones in the cycle. And you’ll learn to chart cervical mucus, bleeding patterns and other symptoms.

After this module, you’ll be ready to start charting your cycle! 🤩

In this module you’ll learn to identify ovulation signs, and to measure your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) to confirm ovulation.

Become an expert in your cycle!
In this module you’ll learn to chart the surge in the Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

You’ll also learn to identify the different cycle phases, variations in the cycle, and you’ll be ready to review and interpret your charts (exciting, isn’t it? 😃)

In this module, you’ll learn the FEMM Family Planning rules to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally, depending on your intentions. Learn about the fertility scale of intentions, how to manage your fertile window if you want to avoid pregnancy, how to optimise your chances of conception, and how to manage confusing cycles.

Course format:

An instant-access, self-study course designed for you to go through the lessons at your own pace.

In each module, you’ll find:

  • Video lessons packed with information about your reproductive anatomy, cycle hormones, fertility biomarkers and the rules to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally.
  • Detailed PDF Guides to each fertility biomarker.
  • Additional resources to further explore the topics of each module.
Carmen Lorenzana - Chart Your Cycle Program

What others say:

Attending Carmen’s workshop was a game-changer for me. I gained a deeper understanding of my hormones and how they impact my mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. This knowledge has helped me to be more kind to myself during those times when I might feel a little less energetic or more emotional than usual. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to feel more in tune with their body and overall health.

Inês, Portugal

I felt so empowered and connected to myself after participating in Carmen’s program. I really enjoyed how she shared her wisdom while holding a safe space for us to ask questions and share our insights. I loved the balance between science and inner wisdom. I would recommend Carmen’s program to anyone who feels called, it was truly a gift. Thank you so much <3

-Iina Santamäki, Finland

Carmen’s coaching changed how I feel about my body and my menstrual cycle. Delving into women’s biology, nature, and feminine energy taught me how to listen to and understand my body and soul better in the different phases of our never-ending cycle. Thanks to Carmen, I am perfectly happy with my imperfect body, and I now have the tools to face the challenges of everyday life.

Kinga, Hungary

I can say that the perspective that you offered has shifted my view of menstruation cycles, sisterhood and to grab my power as a woman. Thank you for this empowerment, Carmen. 

Kamilla Sultanova, Uzbekistan

Understanding your menstrual cycle can bring peace and empowerment to us by taking control of our bodies and embracing our unique and natural rhythm!

Learning from Carmen gave me so much confirmation of how amazing we are as women.

Dafne Meneses, Mexico

The coaching with Carmen helped me in many ways. I learnt many things about my cycle and  the way you can observe and interpret it. The sessions were also moments to come closer to myself, to be gentle with myself and make plans for treating myself even better in the future —I finally learnt to embrace my cycle fully. I am very grateful for the process we did together and I would recommend every woman to do the same journey!

Tineke, Belgium


Smart things to ask before diving in:

“Chart Your Cycle” is the right program for you if you:

  • Want to understand and monitor your menstrual cycle for health and wellness purposes,
  • Are looking for a natural birth control method, free of synthetic hormones & side effects, or are looking to conceive.
  • Are willing to invest time and energy in learning the method, understanding that you cannot rely on it as your birth control method for at least three ovulatory cycles.
  • Have regular or irregular cycles.
  • Are in a relationship, single, or not sexually active. Fertility Awareness is a tool to understand your cycle and your body beyond reproduction.
  • Manage well with self-learning programs and want to learn the method at your own pace.

This program is not for you if:

  • You are looking for an immediate solution for birth control.
  • The current situation of your life makes it difficult for you to observe and chart your biomarkers daily.
  • Using barrier methods or other safe practices while learning to use the FEMM method is not an option for you.
  • You’re in the postpartum period and have not seen a return in your fertility (you’d need special guidance for this, which is beyond the scope of this program).
  • You’re using any form of hormonal birth control.

You will learn the FEMM protocol. FEMM is a Fertility Awareness-Based Method that combines cervical mucus observations and urinary test strips to measure the presence or absence of the Luteinizing Hormone. In addition, the Chart Your Cycle program includes a module on Basal Body Temperature (BBT), which is an important biomarker that allows you to confirm ovulation in your cycle.

FEMM focuses on the link between your hormones and your health as you chart your fertility biomarkers. By combining the information that your biomarkers provide with the knowledge of how your cycle and body work, you can identify normal or abnormal patterns in your cycle, seek medical support if needed, and make better decisions for your reproductive life.

The Chart Your Cycle program is designed for you to learn the FEMM method within 3-4 cycles.

The program consists of four modules. In each module, you will learn to chart a different biomarker. Each module includes 2-4 videos, each no longer than 20 minutes, along with PDF guides and additional resources.

You will be ready to start charting your cycle from the first module. Charting involves daily attention to your cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and other biomarkers, recording them in your chart. While there’s a learning curve, once you grasp the basics and practise for a few cycles, it’s easy to integrate into your daily routine.

I recommend that after finishing each module you complete a whole cycle charting the biomarkers you’ve learned before moving on to the next module. This will help you integrate everything better. This typically means completing the program in 3-4 cycles. However, feel free to adjust the pace according to your preferences.

While you can certainly take the program while on hormonal birth control, it’s important to note that hormonal birth control methods, such as the pill, the mini pill, the patch, the ring, the shot, the implant, and the hormonal IUD, work by using synthetic hormones that prevent ovulation and/or alter the usual hormonal cycling. As a result, your natural cycle is changed or suppressed, and you won’t experience the cyclical ebb and flow of estrogen and progesterone as you would in a natural cycle.

Although the information provided in this program can still be valuable and informative for understanding your body and reproductive health, it won’t be directly applicable in the same way, as you are not cycling naturally. However, gaining knowledge about your body’s hormonal patterns and reproductive health can still be empowering and help you make informed decisions about your reproductive choices and overall well-being.

This program is not suitable for you if you are in the postpartum period and haven’t yet experienced a return in fertility, as you may require specialised support. However, if your cycles have resumed after childbirth, you are eligible to participate.

Absolutely! Fertility Awareness is a powerful tool for educating yourself and understanding your hormonal health. If you have irregular cycles due to PCOS or other disorders, you will benefit significantly from this program as it can help you uncover the root cause of your imbalance. Keep in mind that learning the method and using it as your form of birth control might take a bit longer if you have irregular cycles. However, if you find yourself facing confusion or challenges along the way, you can always book a 1:1 call with me for personalised support.

I do! The program follows the same curriculum and format, but with the added benefit of one-to-one sessions. This allows for closer support and more flexibility in scheduling the sessions. If you have an irregular cycle or a hormonal imbalance, I highly recommend this option as it allows us to adapt more effectively to your unique needs and cycle patterns.

Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual educator and coach

Hi, I’m Carmen! 

A certified FEMM instructor. My journey began in 2016 while looking for a holistic approach to treat PCOS. It was then that I discovered the world of Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) and learned for the first time that the menstrual cycle is an incredible feedback tool that gives us important insights into our overall health. FAM has been key in understanding my irregular cycle, identifying the root cause of my hormonal imbalance, and having better tools to manage my fertile window.

Now, I’m honoured to support others on the same journey. Certified in 2020, I’ve taught the method to many clients seeking to chart for health, prevent pregnancy naturally, or conceive. My approach is compassionate, secular, and inclusive.

I’m here to help you understand your cycle, connect with your body, and make empowered decisions about your reproductive health 💪🏽🩸

It’s an honour to support you on this journey!

Carmen Lorenzana - Chart your cycle

Chart Your Cycle

A program to learn the FEMM Fertility Awareness Method

Take control of your reproductive health and understand your body like never before.

Price: €280