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An online course designed to help you explore the connection between your menstrual cycle and the sustainable growth of your business and projects.

Carmen Lorenzana - Cyclical Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, your cycle is an amazing sustainability tool!

If you have a menstrual cycle, every month your body goes through four hormonal phases that shape your physical, mental, and emotional state. In each phase, you have different superpowers as well as some challenges and needs that have an effect on your business and creations.

Ignoring and repressing your innate cyclical nature can lead to burnout. Understanding and working with your cycles, instead of against them can be very powerful! Cycle awareness enhances your creativity, productivity, and overall well-being – things that will be reflected in the holistic, sustainable success of your business.

“I came out of the workshop with many new insights and a new understanding of how to relate my experience of the cycle to other events in my life. I am already communicating quite openly about my experience of PMS, for example, and feel even more encouraged to do so in the private and work setting. In fact, I already shared some experience from the workshop in a customer meeting :)
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!”

– Mareike Bruns, Germany

You can run a thriving business sustainably.

And Cycle Awareness holds a key to that.

When you run your business in tune with your natural rhythms, you are able to serve your purpose and your community more effectively, bringing ease, joy and harmony into the process.

In the Cyclical Entrepreneur Course, you will:

  • Understand and work with your menstrual cycle

  • Discover your superpowers, vulnerabilities and needs in each phase

  • See your cycle as a build-in sustainability system embedded in Nature’s cycles of action and rest

  • Understand how the cycles of your business and creative processes, mirror your own cycle

  • Learn to navigate and harness this cyclical approach in a linear, hustle-based world

Carmen Lorenzana - Cyclical Entrepreneur

A cyclical approach to business

When I talk about a cyclical approach to business, I’m essentially talking about two things:

Carmen Lorenzana - Cyclical Entrepreneur: Using your cycle as a roadmap for your business

Both cycles are deeply intertwined.

Understanding your menstrual cycle and working with it can bring ease and well-being to your entrepreneurship, and life. However, every business has cycles on its own, which sometimes may align with your menstrual cycle and sometimes may not.

Both cycles are woven into Nature’s patterns of action & rest, growth & reflection. Just like the menstrual cycle has four phases, each offering unique energies, your business also has seasons for visioning, initiating, manifesting and discerning.

Together, we’ll explore the magic of each cycle and get tools to integrate this cyclical approach into your business!

“I was having a horrible relationship with my cycle, I would get anxious and irritated a few days before it would come. After attending Carmen’s webinar ‘Your cycle is a roadmap for your business’ I have learnt so much about how to deal with it and how not to be too hard on myself those days of the month. Now I have a great relationship with my period, the anxiety is gone before it comes and I live those days as a natural way of my body to work. Thank you Carmen! I loved your energy and sweetness.”

Chiara Montecchiari, Co-founder of MonVes

Cyclical Entrepreneur is for you if you:

  • Have or want to start your own business, but also if you’re working on a creative or professional project, whether it’s writing a novel, painting an artwork, crafting handmade jewellery, designing a website, a fashion collection, or any other creative endeavour you can think of! 

  • Want to run your business in a way that is respectful of your energy, your body, and your needs.

  • Have an inherent curiosity and find joy in cycles—your own, your business’, Nature’s—and how these cycles interact with each other. 

  • Want to explore and apply Cycle Awareness in a simple, practical way.

  • Have a regular or irregular cycle, are in menopause or don’t have a cycle at the moment/any more.

Carmen Lorenzana - Cyclical Entrepreneur: Using your cycle as a roadmap for your business

Here’s what you’ll learn

Cyclical Entrepreneur consists of five modules that will walk you through:

Dive into what it means to be a cyclical being and the connection between your cycle and your business’ success.

Learn about the hormonal shifts within each phase. Explore the parallels between the four phases of the menstrual cycle and the seasons of the year, helping you understand your cycle as a sustainability system. Discover the different superpowers, vulnerabilities, and needs present in each phase.

Learn to identify the phases in your cycle, along with your unique physical, mental, and emotional patterns in each phase.

Explore cycle syncing to use the power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness in your business. Gain tools for those vulnerable days when the way you need to show up in your business is not in sync with your cycle.

Discover the cyclical nature of your business. Learn about the four phases of The Creative Cycle Framework and their parallels with each menstrual cycle phase. 

Course Format:

An instant-access, self-study course designed for you to go through the lessons at your own pace.

In each module, you’ll find:

  • A video lesson full of valuable content.
  • Guides, workbooks, and playsheets to help you integrate each lesson.
  • Additional resources to further explore the topics of each module.
Carmen Lorenzana - Cyclical Entrepreneur: Using your cycle as a roadmap for your business

What others say:

The Cyclical Entrepreneur course opened my eyes to planning our months according to our energy levels and fertility cycles. I highly recommend this course to female entrepreneurs and any women wondering why some days during the month feel tougher than others.

Alejandra Cobos, Honduras

Attending Carmen’s workshop on the menstrual cycle was a game-changer for me. I gained a deeper understanding of my hormones and how they impact my mood, energy levels, and overall well-being throughout each phase of my menstrual cycle. This knowledge has helped me to be more kind to myself during those times when I might feel a little less energetic or more emotional than usual. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel more in tune with their body and overall health.

Inês Jales, Seni Illustrations

I felt so empowered and connected to myself after participating in Carmen´s Love your Cycle -workshop. I really enjoyed how Carmen shared her wisdom while holding a safe space for us to ask questions and share our insights. I loved the balance between science and inner wisdom. I would recommend Carmen´s workshops to anyone who feels called, it was truly a gift. Thank you so much <3

-Iina Santamäki, Finland

I can say that the perspective that you offered has shifted my view of menstruation cycles, sisterhood and to grab my power as a woman. Thank you for this empowerment, Carmen. 

Kamilla Sultanova, DEI consultant
Understanding your menstrual cycle can bring peace and empowerment to us by taking control of our bodies and embracing our unique and natural rhythm!

Learning from Carmen in her Menstrual Awareness workshop gave me so much confirmation of how amazing we are as women.

Dafne Meneses, Mexico
Carmen delivered a menstrual cycle workshop for Future Super staff (for a second time!), and really inspired many of us to think differently about the menstruation issues that many of us face in our personal and professional lives.

Thank you again, and continue pushing boundaries and delivering your compelling message.

Hi, I’m Carmen! 

I’m a Menstrual Cycle Educator & Coach on a mission to normalise conversations about periods, cycles, and fertility.

I’ve been running my business for six years, using my cycle as a roadmap to trust myself, my energy, and flow with each season, supporting periods of action and rest. In a world that has long celebrated relentless hustle and exhaustion as the path to running a business, Cycle Awareness keeps teaching me that sustainable creativity is not only possible but also incredibly powerful!

And I believe this is possible for you too.

I’ve created “Cyclical Entrepreneur” to share the tools that have helped me in this journey. My intention is for the ideas I share in each module to act as a window for exploration, for alchemy, to help you find your own way to run your business cyclically.

Welcome! ❤️

Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual educator and coach
Carmen Lorenzana - Cyclical Entrepreneur: Using your cycle as a roadmap for your business

Cyclical Entrepreneur

Your Cycle as a Roadmap for Your Business’ Sustainable Growth

Harness the magic of your cyclical nature to sustainably run your business and other creative projects.

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