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A Free online class with Carmen & Eva

? Dates (you can choose any of these days to join):
– August 26 at 17h,
– September 1 at 18.30h,
– September 3 at 19.30h, or
– September 10 at 19h
Times for Finland – GMT+3. Check your time zone here.

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Self-care has become a very trendy – and important – word in the past years.
Especially for us women, as we naturally tend to put other people first, it is imperative to know ourselves enough to understand what kind of self-care we need to feel centered.

Having a menstrual cycle, things get more complicated. Our cycle has four hormonal phases that essentially make us a different woman every week. Depending on the phase of the cycle we are at, we change in so many levels! What works for relaxing one day might not work anymore the next one.

In this free 60-minute online class you’ll learn about what true self-care really looks like and why it is so powerful to sync it with your own cycle.

We love to help women understand their own needs and live a life where they feel whole and fulfilled, moving gracefully from task to task.

Cycle-syncing has been on the lips of many women around the world recently and now it’s time for you to hop on board and get started with it!

Join Carmen and Eva for a free online class where we’ll talk about:

  • What is and what isn’t self-care.
  • Why is it important for us woman to sync our self-care with our menstrual cyle. 
  • 3 simple but powerful steps to start taking care of yourself while honoring your cycle.

This event is a safe, judge-free space for you. You’re welcome to share your experience and learn from other women who also are interested in managing their cycles naturally and lovingly. 

Hi, we are Carmen and Eva!

cycle-sync, menstrual cycle, self-care

We have gone through our own journeys from struggling with our cycles to connecting with them in a powerful way.

Now we are combining Carmen’s deep knowledge in menstruality and coaching with Eva’s expertise as a yoga teacher, and chemical-free living advocate to help you reclaim your menstrual wellbeing. 

Our approach to female wellness is honest and holistic. We heartfully believe that women should take an active role in their health care. And we’re passionate to help them unlock their inner power, always from a place of self -love, and compassion. 

Class details: 

? Dates (you can choose any of these days to join):
– Wed August 26 at 17h,
– Tue September 1 at 18.30h,
– Thu September 3 at 19.30h, or
– Thu September 10 at 19h
Times for Finland – GMT+3. Check your time zone here.

? Online event via Zoom. You’ll recieve an email with the call details.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Here is more about us: 

About Carmen Lorenzana

Carmen Lorenzana, menstrual cycle, menstrual educator

Carmen is a menstrual cycle educator and coach, based in Helsinki. For the past four years, she has studied all things related to the Menstrual Cycle and female hormones, with a lot of passion and curiosity. She is certified in Menstruality by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, founders of Red School, and in Life Coaching by the World Coaching Organization.

She leads an initiative called “Love Your Cycle” created to help other women to have a positive menstrual experience. As part of the activities of Love Your Cycle, she organizes events such as talks and workshops and gives one-to-one menstrual coaching sessions. 

She’s also the founder of “Bajo la Carpa Roja” a project dedicated to spreading menstrual cycle education in Latin America.

Read more about her here

About Eva Kiviluoma

Eva Kiviluoma is a 500-hr Purna Yoga Teacher from Helsinki. Her passion is to empower women and men to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Eva was trained by Tove Palmgren (2.000RYT; one the most experienced yoga teachers in Helsinki), and Yoga Master Aadil Palkhivala, co-founder of Purna Yoga and known as “the teacher of teachers.”

In her classes and lectures, Eva creates an atmosphere that welcomes you to see yourself sincerely. She offers practical tools for a more balanced and inspired life.

Eva also works with therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living. She recognizes the importance of reducing synthetic chemicals in daily life with essential oils and offers workshops and classes on the topic.

You can read more about her here