I love creating spaces to have meaningful conversations about periods and cycles.
In-person events are a beautiful chance to be in community, deepen the relationship with our cycle, and discover more loving and caring ways to connect with it.

Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop
Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop
Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop
Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop


Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop with Carmen Lorenzana


Learn how to flow with your cyclical nature instead of struggling with it.

🗓️ Saturday March 16, from 14-17h 🗓️
Mielenlento, Lauttasaari (Otavantie 5, 00200, Helsinki)

Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop

What others say about my workshops and classes:

I was having a horrible relationship with my menstrual cycle. I would get anxious and irritated a few days before it would come. After attending Carmen’s webinar, “Your Cycle is a Roadmap for Your Business,” I have learned so much about how to deal with it and how not to be too hard on myself during those days of the month. Now, I have a great relationship with my period; the anxiety is gone before it comes, and I view those days as a natural function of my body. Thank you, Carmen!

Chiara Montecchiari, Italy

I felt so empowered and connected to myself after participating in Carmen´s Love your Cycle -workshop. I really enjoyed how Carmen shared her wisdom while holding a safe space for us to ask questions and share our insights. I loved the balance between science and inner wisdom. I would recommend Carmen´s workshops to anyone who feels called, it was truly a gift. Thank you so much <3

-Iina Santamäki, Finland

Attending Carmen’s workshop on the menstrual cycle was a game-changer for me. I gained a deeper understanding of my hormones and how they impact my mood, energy levels, and overall well-being throughout each phase of my menstrual cycle. This knowledge has helped me to be more kind to myself during those times when I might feel a little less energetic or more emotional than usual. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel more in tune with their body and overall health.

Inês Jales, Seni Illustrations

I can say that the perspective that you offered has shifted my view of menstruation cycles, sisterhood and to grab my power as a woman. Thank you for this empowerment, Carmen. 

Kamilla Sultanova, DEI consultant

Understanding your menstrual cycle can bring peace and empowerment to us by taking control of our bodies and embracing our unique and natural rhythm!

Learning from Carmen in her Menstrual Awareness workshop gave me so much confirmation of how amazing we are as women.

Dafne Meneses , Mexico

I was wowed by Carmen’s knowledge and also really appreciated her style. I have thought about her workshop many times each day since then. I cannot believe how much I DIDN’T know about my period, she really opened my eyes!

Kati, USA

The Cyclical Entrepreneur course opened my eyes to planning our months according to our energy levels and fertility cycles. I highly recommend this course to female entrepreneurs and any women wondering why some days during the month feel tougher than others.

Alejandra Cobos, Honduras

Carmen’s workshop provided me with tools that I continue to benefit from for my physical & mental well-being. I can highly recommend Carmen’s workshop as she is an expert facilitator with lots warmth & knowledge. It’s for sure going to be a beautiful experience with long lasting benefits for the participants

Minna Mustapaa, Finland
Carmen delivered a menstrual cycle workshop for Future Super staff (for a second time!), and really inspired many of us to think differently about the menstruation issues that many of us face in our personal and professional lives.

Thank you again, and continue pushing boundaries and delivering your compelling message.

Do you have a special requirement for your company, students or community?

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I’ll be happy to create a workshop for you!

Some of my favourite topics are:

  • Menstrual cycle awareness
  • The creative power of the menstrual cycle
  • Sustainable periods and cycles
  • Menstrual cycle and entrepreneurship
  • Fertility Awareness and body literacy

Menstrual Awareness is a broad topic that can be approached from different perspectives, so I’d be glad to craft a proposal for you, according to your needs.

Send me a message below, and let’s make it happen!