What are Fertility Awareness Methods

And how can they help me understand my cycle?

Carmen Lorenzana - What is Fertility Awareness Webinar

Learn about a 99.4% effective way to identify the fertile days in your cycle and take control of your reproductive health. Whether you want to avoid pregnancy, conceive, or deepen the understanding of your hormonal health, Fertility Awareness Methods are a great tool!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • how, and most importantly, why Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) work,
  • what FAM’s are not (hint: it’s NOT the rhythm or calendar method!)
  • the main fertility biomarkers in your cycle,
  • how to use FAM to achieve and avoid pregnancy naturally,
  • how FAM can help you monitor and improve your hormonal health,
  • where to start your journey with Fertility Awareness Methods.

The class recording will be available for seven days if you can’t attend or want to review it, but the Q&A session at the end won’t be recorded to respect the participants’ privacy.

I hope this session answers most of your questions and gives you more clarity about Fertility Awareness Methods.

Monday, September 5

17.30h (EEST)

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Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual educator and coach

Meet your host

Hi! I’m Carmen, a Menstrual Educator and Fertility Awareness Instructor trained in the FEMM protocol.

Six years ago, looking for a holistic way to treat PCOS, I discovered the world of Menstrual Cycle Awareness. I finally learned that the cycle is an incredible feedback tool that gives us important clues about our physical, mental, and emotional health. This was a life-changing discovery, and I immediately felt called to become a Fertility Awareness Instructor and support others on this path.

I’m here to help you deeply understand your cycle, improve your relationship with it, and make empowered decisions about your health.

My approach is humane and secular, and I offer programs in Spanish and English.

I would love to support you in this process!