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The four phases of the cycle

🌱Learn more about each phase of your cycle, including the hormonal changes and the strengths & challenges you may experience.

🌱Discover the parallels between the four phases and the seasons of the year.

🌱Learn how tracking your cycle can help you unlock your superpowers in each phase, become more mindful of your vulnerable moments, and identify what’s normal and not for you.

Carmen Lorenzana - What is Fertility Awareness Webinar


What is Fertility Awareness and how can it help me understand my cycle?

Curious about fertility awareness methods (FAM), but not sure where to start? This free webinar will guide you through the basics!

You’ll learn:
  • how, and most importantly, why FAM works,
  • the main fertility biomarkers in your cycle,
  • how is FAM used to achieve and avoid pregnancy naturally,
  • why learning to identify your fertile window matters beyond reproduction,
  • where to start your journey with FAM.
Price: FREE!

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Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual Cycle Awareness workshop