Hi! Thanks for your interest in working 1:1 with me.

Below you can find a description of my programs, and how I can support you in your journey of understanding and connecting to your cycle.

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1:1 Menstrual Coaching 

The menstrual coaching program is a beautiful opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself and align with your cyclical nature.

By working together 1:1, we will explore your cycle in depth, uncovering your unique strengths and vulnerabilities during each phase of your cycle. Together, we will focus on improving your menstrual well-being, developing personalised self-care strategies, and fostering a positive relationship with your cycle.

Price:  €510 (VAT incl.)
Or 3 monthly payments of €180 each
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Learn the FEMM Fertility Awareness Method

Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) are a powerful tool for understanding your menstrual cycle and fertility. This natural approach, free of synthetic hormones, helps you avoid or achieve pregnancy while promoting a healthy menstrual cycle.

The key is to learn the language your body uses to communicate with you: your fertility biomarkers! By observing and charting your cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and other signs, you can gain real-time insights into your reproductive health, that will help you:

  • Identify the fertile and infertile days in your cycle,
  • Confirm ovulation (and know if it’s happening every cycle),
  • Monitor your hormonal health & identify irregularities,
  • Naturally avoid or achieve pregnancy,
  • Get in tune with your cyclical nature.
  • And so much more!

Price: €390 (VAT incl.)
Or 3 monthly payments of €147 each

Wondering which 1:1 program is best for you? Check this quick guide!


Take both programs for a special price of €800,
or 6 monthly payments of €150 each (VAT Incl.)

What my clients say:

“I got to know Carmen due to her activities online about menstrual awareness. I was curious at first to learn something new about my body, and I discovered a passionate and empathic professional. My learning journey with Carmen has been interesting and enriching. I’m more aware of my body, and I can read more about what is happening during my cycle. The journey is not finished yet, and I can’t wait to continue exploring with Carmen’s wise guidance”.

Stella, Italy

“This program was educational and practical at the same time; it gave me the confidence to follow my fertility signs and avoid pregnancy in the most natural way I can imagine. I feel so much more connected to my body and I truly think that this information should be shared with everyone, especially if you feel that all you know about your cycle is that you bleed. Carmen as trainer was professional, giving a lot of space, letting this experience be your experience and delivering the best value for the investment”.

Santa, Latvia

“Carmen’s coaching changed how I feel about my body and my menstrual cycle. Going deep in women’s biology, nature, and feminine energy taught me how to listen to and understand my body and soul better in the different phases of the never-ending cycle of ours. Thanks to Carmen, I am perfectly happy with my imperfect body, and I now have the tools to face the challenges of everyday life.” 

Kinga , Hungary

“The coaching with Carmen helped me in many ways. I learnt many things about my cycle and  the way you can observe and interpret it. The sessions were also moments to come closer to myself, to be gentle with myself and make plans for treating myself even better in the future —I finally learnt to embrace my cycle fully. I am very grateful for the process we did together and I would recommend every woman to do the same journey!”

Tineke , Belgium

“My 6-month coaching journey with Carmen was transformational. During our sessions, she provided me with so many useful tools, mind opening concepts and healing clarity. I loved her clear communication, sincere compassion and willingness to help. I warmly recommend her services to any woman who is looking for their own personal next level and deeper connection. Carmen will surely guide you there!”

Eva, Finland

Let’s connect! 

If you feel this is for you and would like to explore further, contact me to book a free discovery call. Let’s get to know each other, and find out if we’re a good match!

Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual educator and coach