How would your life be different if you saw your menstrual cycle as a superpower?

Is that even possible?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is.

If you’re like me, you probably grew up seeing periods as a burden, something that needs to be managed and contained. But as it turns out, the menstrual cycle is more than bleeding once a month-ish and making babies.

It’s an amazing sustainability system of four phases that can help you to know yourself better, boost your creativity, and deeply tap into your intuition.

Love Your Cycle is a workshop where we explore:

  • The four phases of the menstrual cycle and the changes that you experience physically, emotionally, and mentally in each one of them.
  • Your superpowers and vulnerabilities on each phase and use them to live a more sustainable life.
  • How tracking your cycle can help you deepen the connection with yourself and your body, and to identify things that might not be working well with your health.
  • Self-care practices that are in line with your cycle.

This workshop is an introduction to our cyclic female beings. It’s mainly designed for people who are not yet very familiar with Menstrual Cycle Awareness; however, all those who already have experience on the topic are warmly welcome. This is a safe space to share and learn from each other.

Women of all ages are welcome, regardless if they have a periodor not. All menstrual experiences are valid and appreciated. 

Workshop details:

Number of participants: In order to keep a cosy and safe atmosphere, and inspire meaningful conversations, places are open for 6 to 20 people.

Length: 4 hours (plus ~45 mins to set everything up) 

Language: English or Spanish

Venue requirements:

  • A peaceful and private place, where we can be comfortable and sit in a circle. 
  • A screen to project a PowerPoint presentation (optional) 
  • It’s good to offer water, tea/coffee, and some snacks (something simple, or  participants can bring something to share).

Price: To be negotiated, depending on travel costs. Includes: 4-hour workshop, handouts, and materials.

Facilitator: Carmen Lorenzana, women’s coach and menstrual educator

Do you have a special requirement for your company, students or community?

I’m very happy to offer customized workshops and talks!

Menstrual Awareness is a very broad topic that can be approached from different perspectives such as wellness, creativity, productivity, etc. 

Send me a message and let’s make it happen! :)