Carmen Lorenzana - Love Your Cycle
⏰ Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 14-18
? Breathe Helsinki see map

This intimate workshop is a delicious combination of intuition and science. It’s an invitation to connect with the natural rhythms of your body in a deep way.

How would your life be different if you saw your menstrual cycle as a superpower?


Is that even possible?


Well, I’m here to tell you that it is.

If you’re like me, you probably grew up seeing periods as a burden, something that needs to be managed and contained. But the menstrual cycle is more than bleeding once a month-ish and making babies. When you tune-in and listen, you can learn to powerfully flow with your body’s natural rhythms instead of being in a constant struggle with them.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand why your cycle is an amazing sustainability system that can help you know yourself better, boost your creativity, and deeply tap into your intuition.
  • Explore the four hormonal phases of your cycle and the changes that you experience physically, emotionally, and mentally in each one of them.
  • Discover your superpowers and vulnerabilities in each phase and use them to live a more sustainable life.
  • Debunk (at least!) five myths about your period that can be preventing you from having a good relationship with it.
  • Be gently guided through some exercises to start integrating the day’s teachings into your own menstrual experience.
  • Have the chance to ask questions, share your experience, and connect with others.
  • Spend an afternoon relaxing, being held, drinking tea, and recharging together.

You will also receive:

  • Worksheets
  • A lunar calendar

This workshop is open to women (regardless if they have a period or not) and menstruators. All menstrual experiences are valid and welcome!

Carmen Lorenzana - Love Your Cycle

Event details:

WHERE: Breathe Helsinki (Tehtaankatu 7 00140 Helsinki)

WHEN: Nov 15, 2020 at 14-18h

€47 VAT incl.

To keep a safe, cozy atmosphere, and inspire meaningful conversations, places are limited.


“Before the workshop I had realised that there might be some kind of logic and pattern in this life of ours. There are different cycles such as the seasons in the nature or the cycles of the moon and I wanted to find out whether I could find similar cycles in myself. I want to understand better  who I am and how I work.
I was really excited when I found Carmen’s workshop on Menstrual Cycles. Those four hours proved to be really useful. Carmen had created a space and atmosphere that was welcoming and warm. The structure was really well balanced between group conversation, sharing in couples, information, creative doing etc. I felt that I was seen and accepted as I am, I gained new knowledge, I understood already  how a couple of recent incidents in  my life might have been connected to the phase of the menstrual cycle and I enjoyed hearing other women’s stories.
After the workshop I’ve started to track my cycle a little, trying to find a suitable routine for myself. I’m really eager to dive into the books Carmen has listed and am looking forward to go to the upcoming workshops. Can’t wait!”

Carmen Lorenzana - Testimonial

-Laura Mähönen
Helsinki, Finland

“I was wowed by Carmen’s knowledge and also really appreciated her style, that she also participated fully in the open conversation and then when the moment felt just right, she went into her more corseted content. I think this was better than her starting with her content, because it allowed us to talk about our cycle with our own vocabulary first, and then afterwards to learn from her. I have thought about this circle many times each day since then and especially about Carmen’s talk. I cannot believe how much I DIDN’T know about my period, she really opened my eyes!”

Carmen Lorenzana - Testimonial

-Kati Mayfield

“Before attending to the workshop I didn’t have a clear view of the different cycles of menstruation. From the workshop I got the basic knowledge of each cycle. Now I know better what to expect on each phase and what are the strenghts and challenges of them. The information that I got from the workshop is essential for everyone – especially for women. So I would strongly recommend the workshop for every woman who is interested about what is going on within their body in the sense of hormones and menstruation. Carmen Lorenzana is very gentle in her work and can provide safe and comfortable space for the workshop. She can also recommend specific books and sources of more information if needed”.

Carmen Lorenzana - Testimonial

-Minna Hänninen
Helsinki, Finland


Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual educator and coach

The workshop will be facilitated by Carmen Lorenzana.
Read more about myself here.