Connect with the power of your cycle

Flow with your body, not against it. Learn to chart, connect with and manage your cycle naturally.

Flow with your body, not against it. Learn to chart, connect with and manage your cycle naturally.

Carmen Lorenzana - Menstrual educator and coach

Hi! I’m Carmen, certified Menstrual and Fertility Awareness Educator 🩸

And I’m on a mission to normalise conversations about periods, cycles, and fertility.

My work is a combination of the science and the magic of the menstrual cycle.

I’m here to help you understand the biology, physiology, and hormones involved in your cycle, so you can better care for your reproductive health and make informed decisions.

And I’m also here to help you connect with the profound wisdom and intuition of your cyclical nature so that you can embrace your unique rhythms, find balance, and lead a meaningful life in sync with Nature.

Welcome to this space. It’s a pleasure to have you here!

Is this you?

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You struggle to understand whether your cycle is healthy and balanced

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You feel disconnected from the natural rhythms of your body and the power they hold

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You seek a more gentle and harmonious way to manage your period

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You look for support in managing your fertility in alignment with your intentions, (avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally)

Carmen Lorenzana - Free Guide The Four Phases of the Cycle

Download your free guide: The Four Phases of the Cycle 

🌱Learn more about each phase of your cycle, including the hormonal changes and the strengths & challenges you may experience.

🌱Discover the parallels between the four phases and the seasons of the year.

🌱Learn how tracking your cycle can help you unlock your superpowers in each phase, become more mindful of your vulnerable moments, and identify what’s normal and not for you.

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Created with ❤️ to support you in your journey to improving your menstrual experience.

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Words of love from my clients:

I was having a horrible relationship with my menstrual cycle. I would get anxious and irritated a few days before it would come. After attending Carmen’s webinar, “Your Cycle is a Roadmap for Your Business,” I have learned so much about how to deal with it and how not to be too hard on myself during those days of the month. Now, I have a great relationship with my period; the anxiety is gone before it comes, and I view those days as a natural function of my body. Thank you, Carmen! From the moment I saw you, I loved your energy and sweetness, and I’m so happy I got to meet you in person.

- Chiara Montecchiari, Italy

Attending Carmen’s workshop on the menstrual cycle was a game-changer for me. I gained a deeper understanding of my hormones and how they impact my mood, energy levels, and overall well-being throughout each phase of my menstrual cycle. This knowledge has helped me to be kinder to myself during those times when I might feel a little less energetic or more emotional than usual. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel more in tune with their body and overall health.

- Inês Jales, Portugal

Carmen’s coaching changed how I feel about my body and my menstrual cycle. Delving into women’s biology, nature, and feminine energy taught me how to listen to and understand my body and soul better in the different phases of our never-ending cycle. Thanks to Carmen, I am perfectly happy with my imperfect body, and I now have the tools to face the challenges of everyday life.

- Kinga, Hungary

The Chart Your Cycle program was educational and practical at the same time; it gave me the confidence to follow my fertility signs and avoid pregnancy in the most natural way I can imagine. I feel so much more connected to my body and I truly think that this information should be shared with everyone, especially if you feel that all you know about your cycle is that you bleed. Carmen as trainer was professional, giving a lot of space, letting this experience be your experience and delivering the best value for the investment

- Santa Burkland, Latvia

I came out of the Menstrual Cycle Awareness workshop with many new insights and a deeper understanding of how to relate my experience of the cycle to other events in my life. I already communicate quite openly about my experience of PMS, for example, but feel even more encouraged to do so in both private and work settings. In fact, I already shared some experiences from the workshop in a customer meeting :) Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

- Mareike Bruns, Germany

My 6-month coaching journey with Carmen was transformational. During our sessions, she provided me with so many useful tools, mind-opening concepts, and healing clarity. I appreciated her clear communication, sincere compassion, and willingness to help. I warmly recommend her services to any woman who is looking to reach their own personal next level and deepen their connection. Carmen will surely guide you there!

- Eva, Finland

I got to know Carmen through her online activities about menstrual awareness. Initially curious to learn more about my body, I discovered a passionate and empathic professional. My learning journey with Carmen has been interesting and enriching. I’m now more aware of my body, able to understand more about what happens during my cycle. The journey isn’t finished yet, and I can’t wait to continue exploring with Carmen’s wise guidance.

- Stella, Italy

The coaching with Carmen helped me in many ways. I learnt many things about my cycle and  the way you can observe and interpret it. The sessions were also moments to come closer to myself, to be gentle with myself and make plans for treating myself even better in the future —I finally learnt to embrace my cycle fully. I am very grateful for the process we did together and I would recommend every woman to do the same journey!

- Tineke, Belgium

I felt so empowered and connected to myself after participating in Carmen’s Love your Cycle workshop. I really enjoyed how Carmen shared her wisdom while holding a safe space for us to ask questions and share our insights. I loved the balance between science and inner wisdom. I would recommend Carmen’s workshops to anyone who feels called, it was truly a gift. Thank you so much <3

- Iina Santamäki, Finland

The Cyclical Entrepreneur course opened my eyes to planning our months according to our energy levels and fertility cycles. I highly recommend this course to female entrepreneurs and any women wondering why some days during the month feel tougher than others.

- Alejandra Cobos, Honduras

Let’s connect! 🩸

If you:

  • would like to know more about your menstrual cycle,
  • have any questions regarding the benefits of menstrual coaching,
  • are interested in a workshop for your community or company,
  • look for a potential collaboration,

Feel free to send me a message. I’d love to hear from you! :)

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