Creativity and the menstrual cycle are deeply connected. Have you noticed your focus, motivation, and energy change as you move through your cycle? Just like the menstruating body, the creative process is anything but linear! 

In this workshop, you’ll learn to use and honor the rhythms of your cycle in order to boost your creativity and your productivity.

Women of all ages are welcome, regardless if they menstruate or not. All menstrual experiences are valid and appreciated. 

Workshop details:

Number of participants: In order to keep a cosy and safe atmosphere, and inspire meaningful conversations, places are open for 6 to 20 people.

Length: 4 hours (plus ~45 mins to set everything up) 

Language: English

Venue requirements:

  • A peaceful and private place, where we can be comfortable and sit in a circle. 
  • A screen to project a PowerPoint presentation (optional) 
  • It’s good to offer water, tea/coffee, and some snacks (something simple, or  participants can bring something to share).

Price: To be negotiated, depending on travel costs. Includes: 4-hour workshop, handouts, and materials.

Facilitator: Carmen Lorenzana, women’s coach and menstrual educator

Do you have a special requirement for your company, students or community?

I’m very happy to offer customized workshops and talks!

Menstrual Awareness is a very broad topic that can be approached from different perspectives such as wellness, creativity, productivity, etc. 

Send me a message and let’s make it happen! :)